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mesa STRIKE - 2O20 -

STRIKE table

fotógrafo / photographer: RAPHAEL BRIEST


Desenvolvida a partir do garimpo de antigas bolas de boliche em madeira maciça, a mesa Strike explora o desgaste e o cansaço do material e através das fissuras e do empilhamento conquista uma estética cuja escala supera padrões.



medidas:     A .75 |L 1.05 |P 4 m   /   A .75 | L 1. 05| P 4 m



logo sp-arte.jpg

The Strike Table has been an exercise of appropriation and renovation driven by the philosophy of repurposing and renewing.  Wood has an endless universe of textures, smells, colors, mass, and warmth; it is pleasant to touch and to look, and it ages beautifully.  It is always gratifying to materialize an idea by combining elements with the intention of giving it a new function and a new verve, making it elegant, comfortable, and unique.


Designed by stacking impressive scavenged antique bowling balls in solid wood, appropriating its splits, cracks, and wear and tear, adding a made to order smoothly beveled tabletop in veneered “cumaru” wood resulted in a solid structure with a delicate edge to counter the mass of piled vintage bowling balls, ultimately achieving aesthetics that goes beyond classics.


The Strike Table was conceived to be comfortable at a minimum recommended size of L 2.60 | W: 1.10 | H .75 m


This pictured table size is  L 4 | W 1.10 | H .75 m



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